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Some links are photography or art related. Others, just friendly links you may find interesting or useful.

Avenue West Gallery - an Artist Coop representing over 15 regional artists showing works in oil, watercolor, fabric, photography, jewelry, ceramic and much more. I have the priviledge of  being part of this talented group.

Weather -  At times, the giver of great light for photographers. Other times, the nemesis of us shutterbugs! So, having some idea of weather conditions and forecasts is very important when planning a photo adventure. Unfortunately, weather is not a perfect science, so all forecasts are not necessarily the same. I think the best one can do is consult several sources, and evaluate from there. I use the following:
 Weather.com       Accuweather     Weather Underground
And, locally, I also use the National Weather Service here in Spokane, but you may find one near your photographic destination.

National Park Service - This is one of the first sites I visit before planning a trip to one of our National Parks.  It provides lots of great basic information about each of our Nation's Parks.

US Naval Observatory - When I  plan an image to include the sun or moon , this site will tell me, for any given day, when they rise or set, and where (Azimuth) on the horizon they would be located. This is especially helpful when traveling to new locations.

Magnetic Declination -  Another helpful Government site. To know the precise location of a sun or moonrise, you must adjust the above data with the magnetic declination of your location. This site will calculate that for you.

Dark Sky Finder -  Recently, I've started shooting the sky at night....Milky Way, Aurora Borealis, etc. One necessity to be efective with this kind of photography is a dark sky, which is away from city lights. This site has a map showing where to find those dark skies.
Downtown Spokane Hotels - Welcome to Spokane, WA! Downtown Spokane Hotels offers great rates on over 50 hotels near downtown Spokane. Book securely online for great rates on hotels near downtown Spokane!

Spokane Camera Club - I became a member in 2000.  The basic goal of the club in to promote greater interest and betterment in the knowledge and practice of photography
.  I get the most value from the professional critiques of our images submitted for the monthly competitions. If you want to improve your photography, join a club!

Nancy Rothwell  -  Nancy uses symbols to tell a story in her paintings.  Having sold her paintings at the Pike Place Market in Seattle for many years, she is now inspired by the Palouse wheat fields and her ancestral connection to eastern WA.  She is also a member of the Avenue West Gallery in Spokane.

Carol Schmauder - Carol loves the flow of the paint beneath her brush and the joy of seeing the image emerge on the paper.  Her goal is to create something beautiful that others can enjoy.  If her paintings bring happiness to others, then that goal is accomplished.

Sandi Scarlett - Through her artwork, Sandi hopes to hold a mirror before the eye of the viewer and reflect back a reality sometimes gentle, sometimes unsettling, but always a celebration of life.

e-mail: pat@patschilling.com